Electronic backpack Helite H-Moov

Electronic backpack Helite H-Moov
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Electronic backpack Helite H-Moov

Urban mobility has become one of the major issues of the years and decades to come. Getting around yes, but safely.</strong >

No longer choose between comfort, utility, and safety.

HELITE offers you no more compromises with the new airbag backpack H-MOOV, dedicated to motorcycle riding.

A single model allowing to adapt to any type of ride, and to a maximum of morphology, for an optimal protection.


As always, Helite has put theaccent on the quality of the protection airbag.

  • Large volume of protection (18L)
  • Vital zones covered : back, cervical, thorax, abdomen, sacrum.
  • TURTLE technology: reinforced back protection (SAS-TEC level 1 back protector) and force distribution during impact.
  • Inflation ultra-rapide : the airbag is effective before impact.


  • Air circulation: a ventilated space between the bag and the back (3D mesh), through which moist air can freely escape.
  • Waterproof: it can be used in the rain thanks to its water-repellent fabric and waterproof closures.
  • Reflective elements: a protection day and night.


The H-MOOV offers the possibility to detach the "backpack" part of the airbag.

Indeed the " modulable " capacity of the H-MOOV thus allows to easily adapt to any type of use, simply, without compromising the safety, comfort and style of the user (thanks to its integrated cover).

Attached by a zipper solid and waterproof, this option is extremely simple to use.

This feature allows for a user to use the H-MOOV without a backpack part, for a comfortable ride while being safe, especially when riding with a passenger.


System of electronic triggering : The electronic card integrates several sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS) which follow the situation in real time. An algorithm analyzes all the data and is capable of detecting a fall to trigger the airbag inflation.

  • The H-Moov backpack airbag is reusable after an inflation. Just change the cartridge yourself.</strong >

Additional Information

Brand Helite
Manufacturer SKU H-MOOV_E
Color black
Color Black
Size One size - French sizes by default
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Gender Mixed
Age group Adult