Pair of waterproof side cases Givi GRT720 25+25 L

Pair of waterproof side cases Givi GRT720 25+25 L

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Pair of waterproof side cases Givi GRT720 25+25 L

Pair of MONOKEY® waterproof side panniers, 25+25 liters
Designed by GIVI for off-road motorcycles, they feature the MONOKEY® hook/unhook system, compatible with PL_ _ _, PLR_ _ _, PLO_ _ _MK, PLOR_ _ _MK, PLO_ _ _N (+OFMK), PLOR_ _ _N (+OFMK) tubular supports for side panniers.
Equipped with a safety locking key, which can be combined with the top case and toolbox, using kits SL102-SL103-SL105.
Canyon GRT720 side panniers, thanks to the side buckles they're equipped with, allow you to modulate your luggage configuration to suit your loading needs, whether for short day trips by motorcycle or longer, more demanding journeys, with, for example, the addition of GRT722s as an extra side load, resistant to heavy rain and extreme conditions.


High-tenacity polyester 1200D W/R and thermoformed PE back
1680D/ high-tenacity PU coating
Highly UV-resistant outer materials

Standard equipment:

Roll Top watertight closure system
Adjustable top and bottom straps with clip closure to ensure tension
Front flap equipped with solid pvc mesh pocket on back
8 side buckles to modulate additional loads, like the GRT722
8 load compression points
Side eyelets for liquid evacuation
Removable internal reinforcement to stiffen the bottom of the bag
Ergonomic handle
Fluorescent yellow waterproof inner bag welded at high frequencies (IPX5 waterproof class, resistant to heavy rain and extreme conditions)
Reflective pattern prints for improved visibility;

As these are panniers, the customer must ensure that, once attached to the specific support and loaded with luggage, they do not interfere with the motorcycle's exhaust system, nor are they affected by the gases coming from it.

Additional Information

Brand Givi
Manufacturer SKU GRT720
Color black
Color Black
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult
Characteristic Plastic